Universal Frequency Codes

The Universal Frequency Codes, align us with our Universal Selves. I am being given these codes now, for our use. Below is what our creators say about this……

“We the original creators of your templates, have designed a plan eons ago. This was to bring you all into alignment with your Universal Self. This is a highly advanced matrix, which holds the geometries of all Universes within it. Many of you are in fact from other Universes, and out of your compassionate heart, have decided to help humanity to make this transition that you call Ascension. You knew the pitfalls, but courageously followed your hearts, knowing full well the benefits that humanity would gain from the work.

Universal Frequency Codes

It was always our intention to bring this to fruition for you all. Many attempts have been made previously, but failed. The darkness and density on your world, was too heavy for this plan to be successful. It has been opposed time and time again, by those who are afraid of the light, afraid of what it will reveal about them, and their ways.

A new chapter is now beginning in your history, one which no longer includes these dark energies. This marks a turning point of great significance for you all, as the planetary paradigm shifts. The opportunities for Ascension are many. No longer will you be held back, or kept within a limited frequency band. Unlimited bandwidths are now being made available to you, as you break through the frequency barrier that has been placed around the Earth. Your potential is as yet untapped, as creator beings. You have much to discover about yourselves, and the nature of the Universe that you live in. The climate for change is fertile indeed, and will give birth to an explosion of light, of a magnitude that has never been seen before. How precious you are, each one of you, as you each hold a key to this revolution….”

The first of the Universal Frequency Codes is available now for transmission. This will be remotely transmitted into your energy field by me. To book and purchase, please click on the Book Now button below. Price £35.

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