Star Activations


At the beginning of 2010, I was mysteriously and suddenly downloaded with star codes into my 3rd eye, by members of the High Council of Light/Elohim . From that point onwards, I have been able to transmit the higher/faster frequencies of light to others, by way of activations,  in order to heal and upgrade their energy matrices, to help them to keep pace with the enormous energetic changes that are happening to us. The first energy that emerged, was the ‘Silver Star’, 7th dimensional frequency ( the Atlantean Activations, as they were known ). I am now able to transmit an upgrade of this energy, from it’s 9th dimensional matrix. The Silver Star energy, when introduced into our energy field, instantly shifts our vibration. Anything that isn’t an energy match to this frequency will be dissolved. Other methods such as meditation or the ‘law of attraction’, take considerably longer, sometimes years, to yield positive results. This is an instantaneous quantum energy.. It has even removed suicidal tendencies..   To book this, click on any Book Now button.. Alternatively, a ‘SilverStar Merkabah’ is available to purchase. This is a merkabah quartz crystal which is infused with this energy, for those of you who like to ‘do-it-yourself’. Price £90, includes p&p. Please purchase at the cart here:-

The ‘Gold Star’ activation is also available. This is an energy frequency of expanded light and elevation, moving you ever closer to your Solar Self Expression.

The ‘Sister Stars’ activation has recently come through. This is a connection to a higher system of stars. These are Pleiadian in origin, and have an extremely high matrix of light. They are a collective of many beings who exist in multiple realities. I’ve been told that after you have received a few of their activations, you will also be able to transmit this wonderful energy to others, as an activator yourself! This is what they have said about these activations:

“We are giving you an entirely new matrix of Light. one which far supersedes your existing one. The template codes are transmitted by us, into your fields. Once established, they are duly activated within your biosphere. This will lead to dramatic changes in your wellbeing. Your expression as a whole, will be different. It will be lighter, more vibrant, and less prone to disease, due to the much higher vibration that it holds. Your life will take on a greater radiance of the ‘Source’ Light, from within the Whole. This marks a turning point in your history, as Beings of Light! …..”  All Star Activations are £35 only! Book Now! Please visit the Activations page to book, or click below to see the general menu. 

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Arcturian Light-Pod Activation:

The Arcturian Light-pod activates DNA, restores, regenerates, renews, extending the life of the physical vehicle. Returning the body to a younger expression, is part of the process, activating our galactic DNA is another part of the process, aligning us with our vastly extended galactic lifespans.

We can transform ourselves, and become whatever we wish to be, with this process. This technology is light years ahead of other technologies that exist upon the planet. It is being given to us in readiness for the great changeover, which will occur shortly upon our world.

arcturian activation portal

Other dimensional realities will become familiar to us, as we remember our other lives, and avail ourselves of these advanced technologies, for the betterment of the human race.

Lord Arcturus is providing these light-pods for our use, as part of the ongoing expansion process of Self….. You will be linked to a light-pod and immersed in light. The language of this light will then begin to transform your being. Perfect health is your birthright, and should be reinstated. It is the wish of those who love you, to see this happen!

You may have heard of the Pleiadian Tacyon Chamber, which has a similar function, though it is an actual machine that has been developed I believe. I asked my Arcturus Aspect what was the difference, if any between that and their Light-Pod, and this is what I received ………. “Our technology is more advanced. We have developed this system without the need for machines of any kind. It only requires an energetic link, for the healing energy to flow from the Light-Pod to the individual for the transference of healing codes. There is the potential for instant healing, though this is not always the case, since many factors have to be taken into consideration for some individuals”. Book now,  Price £35! Please schedule your appointment below.

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