Portal of Grace Activations

The ‘Portal of Grace’ is a new construct, which has been birthed for our assistance, at this special time. It holds within it, certain key codes, which will trigger significant changes for us. It is a special dispensation, if you will, in a similar way that the violet flame was, in its time.

Alterations to the mainframe of the Elohim’s computers, have enabled this construct to be realized, at this time. This has been a response to our continuing growth, as we journey back to ‘Source’. The portal’s dynamics will be a catalyst for deep changes within us, assisting us in breaching the frequency barrier, in order to attain to the highest possible light.

This light will manifest in many ways, making changes to all our vehicles of expression. Light encodement of this nature, will bring rapid growth inevitably, and a shedding of our old dense matrix. Replacing it with a faster, lighter one, one that is more suited to the current climate of our evolution. This will be a welcome benefactor, as it will help to ease us into our higher dimensional expressions.

Many new portals are now opening their doors to us. The Portal of Grace is also mentioned by the Elders, or Ancient Ones, my new book “The Gateway to Ascension”.. These activations contain the important codes of this amazing portal! Price £35.  BOOK NOW!

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