Communications from beyond The Stars

We are living in a time of exceptional change. Our potential for growth is enormous. Over the last half a century, we have made huge technological advancements, which are reflected in our current way of life. Our standard of living has improved dramatically, both directly and indirectly as a result of the use of these technologies in our daily lives.

But there is more to come, much more. We can push the envelope much further, taking us into a new era of Light Technology. The advancements that will be made, have already tried to surface through the minds of scientists such as Nikola Tesla, but the Earth wasn’t ready for these technologies. Too many people were focused upon the old ways of doing things, and tried to fit these new found ideas into predictable boxes.cfts crop

Thankfully the climate has now changed, and we are all more open to new ideas, and new frequencies of light. This is mainly due to the large scale upgrading of our energy fields, which is currently taking place on the planet. The frequencies coming to us from the Galactic Centre, are now very intense, and are causing discomfort for those who are not in alignment with them. In order to successfully upgrade our energy fields, we need to cooperate with these energies to the fullest degree, and incorporate them into our energy matrix.

We are not however alone in this Evolutionary surge. The whole of the Cosmos is being affected by these energies, which are making their impact felt upon all beings, even those of a higher/ faster vibratory rate than ours. These beings due to their more evolved consciousness, recognize that All Life is ‘One’ , and because of this, wish to help us with our transformation. Over eighty beings of Light have come forwards, volunteering their invaluable help and services at this crucial stage of our growth cycle.

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Recently a friend and I were discussing issues which crop up in our lives, that seem to need to be addressed, in order to be cleared from our energy field. Many of us choose to follow this course of action, in the belief that there is something within us that needs to be corrected or worked upon, by way of a lesson perhaps.

Whilst every choice is valid, as a result of a new dawning consciousness, I have come to view this in a different way. I tend not to get attached. I find that there is only a lesson to learn, when there is an attachment present. It’s better to be an observer and watch things flowing through our energy fields, rather than engage them by participating actively, and making them more real for us. This I find is the way of ‘Being’, rather than the way of ‘Karma’.star

Karma is action. Without action there can be no karma. It is desire which creates the action, that creates the karma. Any goal orientation is karmic, as it stems from the activation of the ‘desire body’, which is telling us that we don’t have the thing that we seek. By desiring it, we place it in the Future, always out of reach.

Enlightenment or Self-Realization, is not a goal or linear path. It is an energetic state that we enter, as we become aligned with it, or at-one with it’s energy.

It is better to accept what IS, in the acknowledgment of it’s transience, knowing that it will soon disappear. We are already that which we seek. We are already fulfilled. However I am providing activation energy for those who have not yet made this leap in consciousness. This change in our awareness, will impact upon the ‘Morphogenic Field’, ultimately changing the conscious awareness of others. This is our greatest gift to humanity. As each of us become AWARE, we are blazing the trail for others to follow. WE are carrying the Olympian Torch of LIGHT for All to see.

DNA Activation

We are Energy and Consciousness projecting itself into 3D bodies. Our body templates and body scripts are changing, so that we can project into bodies which have a significantly longer lifespan. Longevity, Health and Wellbeing will be the keywords for this new body.

My job is to not only to help make this a possibility, it is to ensure the certain outcome of this Reality. To this end I have been given energetic tools DNA post picin order to bring about the successful realization of this new form. These tools are our powerful allies, they will help to shape a new destiny for us all.

We are all moving towards Empowerment and Full Consciousness. At present we are only aware of a very small part of ourselves, the ten percent which lies above the surface. Somewhat like the iceberg. The other ninety percent of us, has so far been untapped, lying dormant within us.

This sleeping Giant within us is awakening. It is being stirred into life by the new Cosmic Frequencies that we’re being given. These frequencies will be responsible for changing our DNA, they will activate what Science calls the ‘junk DNA’, that which is presently unused, and appears to have no function whatsoever. This DNA has no function in 3rd density, it has been placed within us to enable our Evolution. To help us to lift ourselves out of density, and into the rarefied air of multidimensional life. It is the activation of this DNA that will take us into undreamed of possibilities, and an existence of limitless potential.

The Pole Shift

I’ve just been typing out the channellings for my latest book “The Infinite Universe”, and came across this one, which I’d like to share with you all………..


” The cataclysmic events upon your Earth have created a pole shift which exists in virtual reality. This reality is not yet manifest, and does not have the impetus to come forth at this time.

Your reality and that of the world you live upon, are constantly changing, in response to evolutionary forces that are impacting upon you all. These forces for change are a necessary part of the cycles of growth which are always in operation.

There will be conflicts from time to time, as the old systems give way to the new. This is natural. A seismic shift of epic proportion, is only one possible outcome for the Earth and Humanity. There are many potential outcomes, resulting from the decisions which Humanity makes. In the same way that your individual decisions affect the course of your lives, your collective thinking affects the Collective Hologram, whiearth pole shiftch you are continually creating between yourselves.

You are slowly moving along the path of Evolution, and have come a long way to date. Greater experiences await you, as you unfold that which is your True Self into the realms of possibility….”


I realize that these messages that are being given out which inform us that we will be taken by spaceships to a safe place in the event of a pole shift occurring, are meant to reassure us and make us feel safe. But what we buy into as a Collective, may just be the determining outcome for us all !                    

Quantum Energy Upgrades

Have you noticed how everywhere we look these days, there are signs of Spiritual Awakening? Every time we turn on the TV, or open a newspaper, we are presented with a celebrity or well known public figure, who has had a profound, life changing spiritual experience.

As higher and higher frequencies of the Quantum light are beamed to our planet, this Awakening Cycle is rapidly escalating. Some of us are finding it easy to integrate these frequencies, and shift to new levels of Awareness. Whilst for others, the energies are too intense, causing discomfort and often a desire not to be here.

Originally our physical bodies were designed to ashtarcommandcrew.netcarry only a certain percentage of Our Light. But with the arrival of, and opening to this additional light, adjustments need to be made in order to increase our holding capacity.

We are told that we are required to transform our own bodies, that the responsibility is ours and cannot be left to the spiritual hierarchy and our guides.

Compared with the faster/ higher dimensional frequencies, our energy centres are often running at a lower frequency or lower hertz. These cycles are too slow to enable us to operate efficiently in the 5th dimensional reality that we are moving into, therefore an upgrading is necessary for our Meridian System. Life streams are already entering our 5th dimensional matrix, and even faster vibrations are set to follow, as we begin to reconnect with our Diamond Lightbody, or Divine Lightbody at ‘Source’ level.

Because of this energy flux, adjustments will need to be made to smooth out the transitional process, helping us to maintain our balance within the Heart whilst surfing these different waveforms of light. Thankfully there are first wave lightworkers such as myself, that are skilled masters of energy management, having learned their skill on other worlds helping with the ascension process there. These lightworkers have been empowered to give the necessary upgrades which will prepare us adequately for the sweeping changes yet to come.

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A New Earth

This is a time of Great Importance in the Evolution of Humanity and the Whole of Creation itself.

Momentous changes are taking place from the Core Level of Existence, that will catapult us into new ways of being and new experiences of Our Selves as Quantum Beings of Light, existing simultaneously in All Dimensional Realities.

We can be likened to icebergs, whose principal mass lies hidden underneath, presently revealing only a small reflection of what we truly ARE, and what we are truly CAPABLE OF, on the surface.

The changes that are occurring will give rise to new talents, the release of latent gifts from other parts of our energy matrix relating to our other Aspects.

Consciousness is set to explode to a level never New Earthbefore seen on this planet. The environment for this is fertile, due to the groundwork that other Lightworkers and myself have been putting in, establishing a firm and lasting foundation and platform for change.

Many of you have been working diligently to pave the way for what is to come, knowing intuitively from Our Divine Heart, the wonders that await us. My Heartfelt thanks and Love go out to you All, for being your Amazing Selves, and for truly making a difference ! ……. KI-RA

Gateway Systems

Hi there, Just thought I would tell you all about the New Gateway Systems. The Galactic Gateway of Consciousness is open, and this much talked about new energy is finally here! Some people such as James Gilliland say that it was being blocked by the negative forces. Whilst I don’t focus upon that side of things, it does explain a lot about how it arrived here, as it came through in disguise, much like a trojan horse! I was giving a high vibrational attunement to someone, when it suddenly pushed through at the end of the attunement. Well it has touched down, and is thankfully here to stay.

We are all at the beginning of huge changes thatGateway Systems will involve an evolutionary leap for Humanity. The Gateway energy brings new energy sequencing/ Dna codes, to advance our civilization. It both activates dormant Star Being Dna and introduces new Star Dna from other Universes/ Dimensions, to aid our progression: unlocking existing gifts or bestowing new ones upon us.

All levels of Consciousness, from Human to Lightbeing, are now being made available to us through the Gateway Systems. We are being given the opportunity to transcend the limitations of the Human level of existence. This multidimensional healing/ upgrading energy is designed for the emergence of the NEW HUMAN.  Please click on the picture to visit our website…                                                                                   

Christ Consciousness Returns

I’d like to share some information with you that I’ve learn’t over the past couple of years whilst channelling the “Book Of Life”. I discovered that there are five potential levels consciousness open to us here on the Earth Plane. The first one being the level that some indigenous races are living at , the second is our current level of consciousness, and the third level is the Christ level, the level of Unity Consciousness ( the fourth and fifth I’ll mention later). The gifts that this Christ level of consciousness brings are many. One of which is a feeling of connection to All that leads to a Love and Respect for each other. Other amazing gifts that it brings are ultimately an end to disease and an end to ‘Death’- the last enemy is conquered. We are poised on the threshold of this consciousness, which will have far-reaching harmonious effects upon our way of life – an end to selfishness, greed and suffering, in fact the life that we have all been asking for.

What we ask for is always given especially when enough of the collective have asked for it. Of course this is the role of negative experiences, to present us with choice, so we can more clearly know exactly what we do want.

A way of achieving this 3rd Christ level of Being, has been given back to us, through using the energy tool known as the “Book Of Life”. Although it is in 5th dimensional language, it is easily readable since it uses our very own alphabet.Book Of Life cover Interestingly I have been told by those that have read parts of it, that the words seem familiar and at some level they already know this book! … ..You may be thinking “How will I understand what it says?” My answer to this question is that it isn’t a ‘Left-Brain’ book that requires intellectual understanding. Rather it is a ‘Right-Brain’ book that only needs to be experienced – a book from the ” Heart “.

The “Book Of Life”, like all sacred texts in existence, has come to us through the Alpha Channel, a Divine stream of Consciousness. It has been kept safely within “The Halls of Amenti”, until such time that we were ready to return to the Golden Christ Light once more. That time is clearly now.

Both the paperback version and the e-book version is available from my website …. As for the last two levels of consciousness, these are now also available through my next two books, “Life Essence” and “The One”.

Ascension and Christ Consciousness

We are all ascending to the Christed level of Being along with our beautiful planet Gaia. But what does this actually mean for you and I? What changes will take place in our lives? What impact will these changes have upon us at a personal level? Will this be a radical overhaul of life as we know it, or will it be a seamless transition to a better way of living?

No doubt many of you have been asking such questions, and there will be those of you that are anxious about the implications of this change. None of us like to have change forced upon us do we, we all like to think that we have some measure of control over our lives. But in the great scheme of things, especially where our souls are concerned, this is pretty much an illusion. When it comes to Soul Planning, the plans for our lives are made at a deeper less conscious level of Being, so we may be totally unaware of the changes that are planned for us. We are told that everything of course works for our Highest Good, but this may not always be a reassuring thought, especially so if our lives are suddenly in turmoil, a partner has left us, a loved one has passed away, or we have been made redundant from our job. It can feel as though the very ground beneath us is shaking and coming apart.

I’d like to give you here words of reassurance and comfort that stem from my own personal experience. Before I had my Spiritual Birth( Kundalini release) in 1982, every area of my life seemed to go into meltdown. Friends disappeared, a long time partnership dissolved, and the company that I was working for went into liquidation, these were the physical meltdown symptoms. The sudden onset of these unwanted changes brought about an emotional and spiritual meltdown, which resulted in me being in the grip of ‘ fear’. Afraid to go out, then afraid to stay in, I was living in a twilight zone of escalating irrational fear. If I had known at a conscious level what my soul had planned, then I might have felt happier, or at least had some positive reassurance that there was in fact “Light” at the end of this dark tunnel. But at this time in our history, our deeper levels of Being were not so easily accessible, not as they are now, though it generally requires a stilling of the emotional mind/body to reach these levels. Thankfully this is what the Spiritual Birth does, it gives us control over our emotional self, and a Peace and stability that absolutely Nothing or No one can ever take from us. Having come out the other side, I can now truly say with complete conviction that everything does work for our “Highest Good.”Book Of Life cover

The Spiritual Birth I discovered, is just one phase of our evolutionary path. The next phase is the Awakening of our Christ Consciousness. This I began to experience as my Lightbody became active in 2006, and I was soon able to see into the 5th dimension, which is where we are all headed. I can tell you that it is a dimension of beautiful golden light since everything and everyone is vibrating at a higher frequency. Harmony and Love prevails here, disease and death are no more. This is destined to be our legacy as we each alter our own frequency to this level. Our Divine Mother/Father has given us a unique tool to help us, the “BOOK OF LIFE”. By using the “Book Of Life”, we can activate our Christ Grid which will put us individually and collectively into a state of “CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS”, the next phase of our development. Blessings to you all…..Kira        

Christ Consciousness

I want to share with you so,e of the awesome experiences that I’ve had whilst channelling the “Book of Life”, the book that puts us into a state of “Christ Consciousness.”

Firstly, the experience of being visited by the “Alpha Team”, the A-Team as they call themselves, was both profound and amusing. You wouldn’t think that Ascended Beings would be aware of the music score to the 80’s TV series, the “A Team” would you, but when they arrived this was the music that I heard !! Also they were dressed in Star Trek style suits and the name on their craft was “OR-AIR”, Orion-Air ( not RyanAir !). Seriously this is no joke, this is exactly what happened.  They asked me to channel the “Book of Life” to help create a critical mass or Christ Wave that will tip the whole planet into “Christ Consciousness.”  When I was shown the wonderful changes this would bring to us all, I could hardly say ‘No’ could I?

Whilst writing the book, I was frequently immersed in bright Golden Light. In fact on one occasion it was 8.30pm and supposedly dark outside, yet my house and garden were lit up by this Golden Energy to the point that it appeared to be Daytime !  Another very profound experience I had was a sudden deep-seated feeling of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance. I can’t say that I had ever truly felt that way about myself before, what a truly marvelous state of being this is.

Currently the “Book Of Life” is available in e-book format, and is available in hardcopy (please go to “”).