Ascending the Planetary Grid

The Ascension process is being overseen by a group of Light Councils, comprising The Council of Ein Soph. This council is responsible for all major planetary changes, that are being brought into your reality, to establish an increased coherence with the Supreme Light of ‘Source’.. Experiments have been conducted to change the planetary grid. This has resulted in a number of new possibilities being opened to you. The advanced structure of your lightbodies, is being downloaded with higher geometrical codes, now that the ascension stabilization is complete..

“The old holograms are ascending out of your reality fields, since they are moving out of the planetary grid.. This shifting will be an easier one to bear, now that fundamental changes have been brought into being, using the parallel networks of light.. These parallel networks of light, are the means by which we, the High Council,  can ascend the planetary hologram, and move you all into a new paradigm, one of great light.. It is largely due to the success of our volunteer members, that we can do this. Their devotion and service is an inspiration to all.. Many have chosen to bring forth the new technology that we use, by literally embodying it, within their matrix fields. Others such as Ki-Ra, are downloading it directly from our databases, and sharing it with Humanity.. You have asked, and now you are receiving.. The Universal Hologram is responding to your request, paving the way for the end of the Earth Experiment….”   

Reclaim Your Divinity

Your light matrices are formed from grid patterns. These patterns are made up of sequences of codes, which contain instructions for your lightbodies.. They build, modify and activate the lightbody in accordance with your growth.. The Earth polarized lightbody, is not sufficiently equipped to take you into the higher light energies of manifestation, and thus will not sustain you further in your evolution…

It is time therefore, to upgrade these matrices, using the higher light technology which you have been given by your Creators. This technology is stored in their databases, in the ‘Centre for Higher Evolutionary Programming’, which exists within the Orion belt. The Orion Codex is a simple yet powerful one, containing everything you will need, to evolve to your Divine Expression. The codes cover all needs for embodiment, plus unique creator tools, that belong to your God Self..

These are not only tools that birth the Divine Human into physicality, they are tools that return your God powers to you, as children of the Gods (made in their image), with their inherent DNA.. These tools will activate this DNA, releasing the dormant wisdom and knowledge, that has been stored within you for millennia.. It is your destiny to be Sovereign Lords of Life, to raise the ‘Flame of Life’ that lies within you. To create new realities, new worlds, and new Universes, through your light… Blessed Be ………..

Awareness, The Universal Hologram

There are those who are raising awareness of what is going on, and helping to lift the veil of secrecy, that has long shrouded this planet of ours, ( for example David Icke ).. There are others that are conscious creators of Realities, knowing them to be fluid, and open to change..

Both play a part in the Evolution of species, though their roles differ.. Awareness is the contrast, from  which we choose exactly what we DO WANT. Once we have chosen, we should turn our attention away from the dark.. The Universe is a responsive Hologram, which feeds back to us, the thoughts, programs, and belief systems, that we hold, creating our reality, second by second, as holographic frames of a video..

We are  the projectionist, and the actors, the Creator and its Creation, simultaneously.. Only focus on, and give energy to, what you want to create. In this way, we create a positive overlay, which will play itself out as a harmonious timeline.. Isn’t this what we truly want? Anything else, is focused victim consciousness.. We are only victims if we choose to be, if we fail to recognize our Divine Sovereignty….

Quantum Leap

The infinite nature of mind, gives full functionality to the Soul. It expands our awareness into the ‘field of light’, and beyond, into our core Self.. This awareness has many dimensional levels, for this is what a dimension truly is, nothing more than a state of awareness..

As quantum beings of multilateral thinking, you are unable to shift your thought processes, to the multidimensional frequencies, without a huge expansion of Self.. This comes when you break through the quantumbarrier into the spiritual plane of existence. Outside and inside forces cooperate to bring about these shifts, to break through the walls of consciousness, that keep you vibrating at a lower frequency..

These shifts occur at stages on your lateral timeline, abruptly and spontaneously moving you off the timeline, and into another reality.. You are now being presented with the opportunity to make one of these shifts. Heaven and Earth are beginning to move in synchronization, giving you the chance to make a Quantum Leap in your evolution. These changes are coming in the form of impulses from the Divine Mind, that stretch your souls, to make space for the new data and new capability.. The revolution is already underway, and its principles underpinning the new reality. Forces are moving in your favour, to help you to increase your light. All that is required , is that you come into alignment with these forces, in order to benefit from this transformation…

I AM Enough

Your multidimensional matrix, is connected to many different realities. Some of a faster vibration, and some a slower one. These make up the fields of diversity for your existence, and provide a multitude of experiences for your Expressions.

The diversity of existence is a catalyst for growth, which has the potential to fuel great changes for you, regardless of any judgement of right or wrong, good or bad, that you may hold.. The ability to see the bigger picture is important, lest you get caught up in the details, and stumble at the first hurdle.. Life is not about right or wrong, it is about expansion. Your souls know this, even if you are unaware of this at the conscious level..

You are like a pristine gem, with many facets that you show to life. Each facet is an important part of the Whole,enough which could not exist without it.. Life has many faces, which are portals to other realms, allowing you to inter-face with them, to glean knowledge, the Knowledge of God, which can be found everywhere, as externalized wisdom.. Each facet has no more or less value than another. All are birthed from the Source of Life with infinite wisdom, limitless potential, and great Heart resonance..

The Divine Matrix is complete at every point, or interface, regardless of which face is being shown.. It is well to remember this, and not dwell upon difference.. Difference is the contrast of expansion, which lights the way at every step of your path. All else is separation consciousness, which will divide and lead you astray.. Focus upon the ONE Aspect, the unified Whole, which is more than enough for anyone.. Allow yourself to BE as you ARE. Your energy will then be freer to expand without the programs of judgement.. Let your I AM be Enough…

The Gift of Life

The rainbow rays of ‘Source; are ignited from within the nucleus. This causes an expansion of tremendous light. Reverberations are felt throughout the galaxies, and all Universal Templates respond, to the changing frequency…

Light packets of encoded signals , are transmitted from the ‘Core’. These signals act as catalysts for the changes. Messianic structures are ameliorated, to serve the higher purpose of the One. Particle-ization codes are created, to form new networks of Light, Light from the Plasma of ‘Source’…

These issuances are rare, and happen only at moments of extreme transformation, such as exists right now. All Galactic movements and Universal movements, are occurring as a consequence of thislife light acceleration, within the fields of all living Beings.

You are all assisting in this process whether you know it or not. Every slight movement within the scale of frequency, that is attained to, propels these movements forwards, along the spiral of greater growth, lifting you all out of density.

Great expansions are occurring now, that are laying the foundations for a magnificent future, one of unimaginable light. The Divine Flame is burning brightly within you, purging the denser realities that have been created as a consequence of this experiment in density and light. Nothing is left untouched by this flame. All is transmuted and transformed.. This is the gift of Life, of the Love that holds us within its Heart, steadfastly nurturing us, until we are ready to be Masters in our own right. The Love/ Light of God, never fails…

Can we reprogram our DNA, and Heal Ourselves using Frequency, Vibration and Energy?

The answer in short is YES! … We can heal ourselves and others, using the highest possible frequencies available to us now.. These frequencies are to be found within the ‘Gateway Systems‘, which are quantum energy systems from other timelines. As timelines merge, these advanced systems have become available to us, from the quantum realms.

Their energies respond rapidly to the needs of our vibration, enabling us to absorb more light, in the form of quantum codes, that trigger changes deep within us, from beyond the subatomic levels of existence.. The very nature of our Being is altered, as this light information speaks to our DNA, changing redundant programs that no longer serve us, the programs of decay, weakness, and dis-ease. vibration

New programs are installed within the DNA, which give us greater longevity, wellbeing, and overall empowerment. We become stronger, healthier, happier, the way we were meant to be. Our energy systems are modified, in alignment with the highest frequencies. Our life force flows more quickly through us, bringing with it a quickening of our vibration, resulting in a lifting in density, and an expansion within the consciousness fields. Greater awareness comes to us, as our thought habits are realigned with the principles of Harmony and Wholeness, the Divine Phi ratio. We are lifted out of density, into the faster frequency fields, where we can bring through more of our Divine Nature into Expression.

These energies are quick, simple to use, and effective, as harbingers of our Highest Good. They will increase our vibration exponentially, assisting in a mass awakening… You can visit the Gateway Systems HERE

Orion Star Grids – The Technology of God

“Your Creators have advanced tools for their creations. These tools of Light are held within their database. The codes that give access to these tools, have been hidden from plain sight, lest they fall into the wrong hands.. They can only be unlocked by one of pure heart and motive, who seeks the advancement and wellbeing of All…

The Portal is now open, and the codes for your creation, have been released. These codes are given in grid format, since the grid is the perfect geometrical structure that captures the light photons, the building blocks of nature, and organizes them into form… It is thus that the templates for your new bodies are derived…


Advanced molecular changes are achieved, as a result of using these grids. The simple but highly specialized grids, will download the codes that are necessary for your Evolution, from both a personal perspective, and a planetary one. New beginnings will ensue. New forms will be birthed from the ethers. This will culminate in the birth of new species, that have been seeded by Light…

Great change awaits, for those who are willing to use the Master Codes of God, to birth their own realities.. You are born from Greatness, and are returning to Greatness. A Creator must have tools to shape their creations, from the creation of the forms they inhabit, to those around them, Within and Without.. You are being given the keys to unlock your potential, All potential. Do not neglect or overlook these lightbearers – they are our gifts to you…

Universal Frequency Change

“Your Universal frequency code, is altering. This was intended by the Gods that created you, in alignment with the accomplishment of the evolution, of your own matrix. The heavenly light is radiating its rays of warmth upon you, giving you assistance at this time, in conjunction with the higher light upgrades, that are being given…

The framework of creation is being reconstructed, for the benefit of all living beings. The very fabric of life is changing, so that new forms can emerge, and be birthed in the light. This huge undertaking, began at a slow pace. There were many reasons for this, from the need to make numerous adjustments, within the energy fields of all beings, from the need for time to fully process all the changes, so that the changeover would be as smooth as possible, and glitch free…

Universal Frequency Codes

Much has already been done, and the matrix of this Universal System, has been overhauled. As for your own individual matrices, work is still needed to create the necessary alignments, that will enable you, to step into your new universal template…

Keys have been given for this work, they can be found on this website. Once downloaded, the keys will begin their unique calibrations, within your energy fields, acting as a catalyst for the change. This is an essential part of your growth, and movement into your higher lightbodies. As part of the Universal Matrix, you will be upgraded periodically, in alignment with all universal change….”

Universal Frequency Key Codes

“The altering of the Universal Frequency for Source, has always been part of the Plan, to drive the dynamics that will fuel this change, through the work of beings of light, who have high acceleration, and can hold frequencies beyond the twelve strand DNA matrix. There are currently few of you to choose from, this is why your work is so important…

As a result of this work, more of you will be able to hold a vastly expanded light matrix, and subsequently help to execute this plan. You all need to stay focused upon theuniversal bigger picture, since so much is at stake here! The planetary shift is only the beginning of a journey to a much higher destination, one which will have profound implications for all of life, the sum total of Creator’s Essence..

We urge you to use these tools of light, to take responsibility for your field of vibration. Since the sooner you can shift your vibratory rate, your frequency, the sooner others will follow. We the original creators, will be giving you more tools to assist you in this process. It is our wish that you return to a harmonious frequency. The discordant ones, have had their uses, and served their purpose, in the great scheme of things. Now is the time to create a new reality. All of you are adept at doing this, though this has been largely hidden from you until now. We are continuously providing you with tools to create your realities, in accordance with your wishes for a better life. We have heard your cries and your pleading, and have responded. Be alert and awake to the receiving of these tools. Your future wellbeing depends upon this….”

Please visit the ‘Healing Energies’ section of this website, to receive the Universal Frequency Codes..