Universal Frequency Change

“Your Universal frequency code, is altering. This was intended by the Gods that created you, in alignment with the accomplishment of the evolution, of your own matrix. The heavenly light is radiating its rays of warmth upon you, giving you assistance at this time, in conjunction with the higher light upgrades, that are being given…

The framework of creation is being reconstructed, for the benefit of all living beings. The very fabric of life is changing, so that new forms can emerge, and be birthed in the light. This huge undertaking, began at a slow pace. There were many reasons for this, from the need to make numerous adjustments, within the energy fields of all beings, from the need for time to fully process all the changes, so that the changeover would be as smooth as possible, and glitch free…

Universal Frequency Codes

Much has already been done, and the matrix of this Universal System, has been overhauled. As for your own individual matrices, work is still needed to create the necessary alignments, that will enable you, to step into your new universal template…

Keys have been given for this work, they can be found on this website. Once downloaded, the keys will begin their unique calibrations, within your energy fields, acting as a catalyst for the change. This is an essential part of your growth, and movement into your higher lightbodies. As part of the Universal Matrix, you will be upgraded periodically, in alignment with all universal change….”

Universal Frequency Key Codes

“The altering of the Universal Frequency for Source, has always been part of the Plan, to drive the dynamics that will fuel this change, through the work of beings of light, who have high acceleration, and can hold frequencies beyond the twelve strand DNA matrix. There are currently few of you to choose from, this is why your work is so important…

universal frequency key codes

As a result of this work, more of you will be able to hold a vastly expanded light matrix, and subsequently help to execute this plan. You all need to stay focused upon the bigger picture, since so much is at stake here! The planetary shift is only the beginning of a journey to a much higher destination, one which will have profound implications for all of life, the sum total of Creator’s Essence..

We urge you to use these tools of light, to take responsibility for your field of vibration. Since the sooner you can shift your vibratory rate, your frequency, the sooner others will follow. We the original creators, will be giving you more tools to assist you in this process. It is our wish that you return to a harmonious frequency. The discordant ones, have had their uses, and served their purpose, in the great scheme of things. Now is the time to create a new reality. All of you are adept at doing this, though this has been largely hidden from you until now. We are continuously providing you with tools to create your realities, in accordance with your wishes for a better life. We have heard your cries and your pleading, and have responded. Be alert and awake to the receiving of these tools. Your future wellbeing depends upon this….”

Please visit the ‘Healing Energies’ section of this website, to receive the Universal Frequency Codes..

True Empowerment

What does empowerment mean for you and I? Does it mean surrendering to some higher power that is beyond us? Does it mean praying to this same higher power, ever mindful of our need for humility, or need to acknowledge that we are wretched souls, born in sin, as some would have us believe.

Fear and Humility keep us in our place. They are the cloaks of disempowerment, born through ideologies and belief systems which we have been fed, and have adopted throughout the ages. They are part of a control system whichempowerment is crumbling around us, as more of us find our voice, and choose to live as our most authentic selves. We have been surrounded by subtle, subconscious programs telling us “don’t get big-headed”, or “don’t get too big for your boots”. These are the thought streams that feed the machine of disempowerment, making us doubt and question ourselves, helping to separate and cut us off from our inner divine knowing… Our consciousness has been drawn outwardly by these programs, for fear we will not like what we see within… Yet this is where our treasure lies, deep within our hearts, within our Core Self, lies our empowerment.

Let go of the judgement dear ones. Whatever act you have committed in your past, let it go. All things are part of a divine embroidery, all potentials exist within the quantum field – let go. Your judgements of who and what you are, are keeping you stuck in these recycling, redundant programs, that no longer serve.. Did you come here to learn? Or is this yet another program that prevents you from remembering WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

At the highest level of Love and Empowerment, there is no teacher or student. All is ONE. Without you, I could not exist, and likewise. A truly Self-empowered person can never see themselves as being above another, as they recognize the Oneness of All Life, and honour and love this life unconditionally.. We are Great, celebrate and rejoice in this!!

The Great Switchover

“We the original Creators, would like to tell you more about your cycles, the recurring cycles of birth, death, and life. These cycles have been created by other beings, who wished to impose their plan upon Earth, the world they consider to be theirs.

You are being made aware of this fact, at this time, as the light intensity is growing, revealing many things that have been so far, hidden from you. These plans and programs, have been responsible for recycling human souls, ad infinitum. It is time for this to change, time to make your exit from the old recycling energy, old patterns, and redundant programming. It is time to take back control of your destiny, and resurrect into a new Life Stream. One which will fulfil you as Creator Gods, one which will change your physiology, into a more perfect form.

Your ability to switch operating systems is unknown to you at the conscious level. However in the deeper recesses of your Being, you are fully aware of this possibility, and how to make the switch. This information is embedded within you, in the form of coding. Instructions in light code, which we placed within you, at your conception, to prepare you for this eventuality. The light triggers are now being given to you, to awaken these codes into action. These firings will create a downloading of modules of light, which will prepare you to receive the new system into your matrix fields.

The process will be a smooth one, for those with a higher light matrix, otherwise resistances may occur. Working with the higher frequencies, will ensure your success in this matter. It is a question of Soul choice. You have free will as always, given to you by us, since freedom is a high aspiration that we hold for you all. Our love for you knows no bounds, and is All encompassing… Please heed our words if you wish to make the switch……….”

The grids here, will assist you in this changeover..

The Three Healing Systems

Your Solar Centres are a unified field of light, hooking you up to your Oversoul. This field contains within it, powerful electrical currents, which create the light energy, that supports the field. It is self-generating, and self-sustaining. These powerful energies are projections of your holographic templates, within the field of life. There are templates for all of your vehicles, each in turn having a different vibrational matrix, existing at different levels of frequency.

The template codes consist of various geometries, which establish the resonance. The light is thus generated by the codes within the field. Harmony is established between all bodies of light, through resonance with these codes. Any disruption to the flow of energy, creates a kind of short circuit in the system, preventing the vital force from regenerating the parts. In totality, wholeness prevails, and the life continues to replenish its forms through the entity of Self.

The physical vehicle however, is challenged by depleting energy reserves, and cannot sustain itself as a consequence of this. Much can be done to alleviate this dilemma. A large current of energy can be inserted at a point in the field, bringing renewed vigour to the system, clearing any resistances or blocks that have built up.. Another remedial action would be to realign the geometry of the cellular structures, with its original template settings, thus regenerating and restoring the body back to basics, to its true originally intended form.. A third and proven method exists, which is the method of recalibration, or reconfiguration. This is where the cells of the body are directly altered numerically, according to different numerical values, which are inherent within each cell.

The number frequency has a power and life of its own, and can change the structure of any form through resonance with it. The power of numbers to influence your physiology, has been largely overlooked, and only now is being revisited. There is inherent power in all numbers to change the biology of form, to restore and renew in keeping with your divine blueprint body. Recalibration healing is a method known to the ancient alchemists, who observed the Universal numbers throughout life, and their inter-connectedness with the Whole. They observed the recurring sequences of life and their patterns, reflected in Nature and the world around them, in the most simplest of forms, as well as the complex ones. They found that they could tap into the inner wisdom of their bodies, using numbers, making desired changes and improvements to their health. This was easily achieved, once a way was found to assist the body in absorbing them. This is the latest healing system to surface, and will bring radical changes to your biosuits, benefiting you immensely. The radionic system is a similar system, though less advanced technologically speaking, it shares similarities with the Recalibration System.

The three systems mentioned here will benefit you the most currently. They are known as the ‘Gateway Systems’, the ‘Ketheric System’, and the ‘Recalibration System’.. Do not overlook these powerful tools!


The Ego Self

At the weekend I went down to Kent to get some fresh sea air, away from the pollution of city life. Whilst there, I met a lovely couple, a quite spiritual couple, who were clearly heart centred, and loving individuals. As I was chatting with them, the subject of food came up first, since I had been looking for some vegan food, and it transpired that they too were vegans. I wasn’t the least surprised that the following topic of conversation, was spirituality. They informed me that they were following a Bagwan Master, whose teachings sounded familiar with what I know to be true ( truth of course is always relative). So I thought great resonance! That is until I was told that they were taught to repent.. Oh dear, I thought, religious programming rearing its head!

We also discussed ego, and its purported detrimental effects upon our spiritual path. I pointed out that from my perspective, Ego is the point of projection, or reference point, that we all need to have , in order to be able to appear here on Earth. It is the Divine Self projecting aspects of itself, into many diverse forms. However, it is not to be confused with the ‘ego’, or as Wayne Dyer put it, ‘edge God out’, which is merely the Ego as it is presented or reflected in gross, unenlightened density.

It is such a shame that they did not perceive that this Master is clearly operating from ego, otherwise he would be telling them that they are Masters in their own right, not lesser mortals, and sinful individuals. From a higher perspective, there is no sin, just experience, and there is certainly no judgement. Love doesn’t judge or reprimand, it sees all things in a state of evolving, and recognises only the Divine Self in All.

Moving into Solar Lightbody

This is what Max, the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull says about our Solar Expression …

“The Solar Lightbody is a new life form, woven from the purest strands of etheric light, containing within it’s interdimensional matrix, the geometries of pure potential and radiant light. It has a Phi factor which is expressed through it’s codes, representing the Divine ratio of life.

This Divine Body is the penultimate body, before your re-emergence with the ‘One’. It’s light codes surpass those of the Diamond Lightbody, for it is made from the purest Solar Light. The emergence of this Lightbody will be a rare event initially, since few are ready to experience it’s treasures. Many are not yet aligned with the Diamond Lightbody of Creation. This must come first as an evolutionary stage of growth for you all, before you can move into Solar expression.

Your light vehicles are undergoing many changes in frequency, taking you to new heights. A change in the matrices is fundamental to the reinstatement of your higher lightbodies. As the process continues, a major overhaul will take place within your systems, upgrading them frequently with new codes of light, which are designed to form new templates for the lightbodies. Changes will continue at a rate of knots, now that the higher dimensional light is upon you. These are new beginnings for you all.

Recalibrating your matrix is an essential part of the process of change for you all. Alignment issues will occur from time to time, as you identify with solar lightdifferent aspects of yourself throughout this process of change, taking your experience of Self to new levels. The journey is a spiral one comprising of many parts, driven by the engine of change. The Cosmic Lattice is renewed continually through the spectrum of light, integrating new elements within itself. Spectral changes increase the diversity of manifested expression for the Whole, elevating it to new frequencies. The Vehicle of Light is one such manifestation, whose expression changes within the fields of light, moving through different layers of density as it journeys Home.”

If you are guided to receive Solar Light Transmissions, please click on the picture, to find out more…

Achieving Mastery

The sum total of your experiences upon planet Earth, have shaped your destiny. They have helped your relative consciousness to expand, to a place of ‘Oneness’. The rays of the ‘Spiritual Mind’ have been beating down upon you, in an attempt to illuminate this consciousness. This illumination takes place over time, and cannot be forced. This gradual illumination has brought forth the laws of your societies, and your humanitarianism.

The Soul is ever reaching for the Light. On this planet, there are so many diverse levels of attainment, that you will encounter souls at different stages of their evolution. It is thus that the dynamics of Karma are played out upon the world’s stage. Do not judge your brother when his best is your worst, as you were once in his shoes!

Everything is law in operation. To rise above the law, you must first play your part. You must allow yourself to be played upon by the forces, as an instrument is played upon, until you become finely tuned, and are vibrating to the ‘Song of Life’, as a part of the divine orchestra. Play your part well. Your growing awareness will be challenging at times, especially as you move ever closer to integration and oneness. The heightened states that are required for this integration to take place, will leave you feeling super sensitive to the energies and emotional forces around you. This is the state of the empath, who feels every emotion, as if it were his own. It is however a necessary part of your progression to Oneness Consciousness, and serves you well in this respect.

This is now a time for Mastery, for many of you. You have passed through the kindergarten phase, into the adolescent phase, and are now ready to reclaim your sovereignty and power, as beings of light. It is time to rise above the law, to be the law itself. To be the fully conscious Creator, consciously shaping your own destiny, within the light fields. There is so much more to life, that you have yet to discover…

Cyber Protection – A Vibrational Tool

“The internet is trafficked by many lower entities, making it easier for those in power to gain control of what you see and hear.. Systems have been set up to collect your data, and to capture your movements on the web, for illicit purposes.Whilst there is a lot of good content there, many streams of information are from the negative side. Because of this, it is hard to be discerning, unless you are very energy sensitive…

There is a way to weed out the wheat from the chaff, to ensure that you always connect with only the highest possible light… This is a vibrational tool, that will alert your energy field to a low vibration, giving you a clear signal that will be unmistakable to you.. You may experience this as an audio wave, a bodily sensation, or a strong emotional response. This will indicate the presence of a low entity that is trying to influence you..

This tool can be downloaded from us, again using your intention to receive. We wish you safe and happy surfing – From ‘B’ …”

I have received this channelled message from the Collective ‘B’, who are working with us at this time. They tell me that how people experience the alerts, will depend upon how they’re individually wired. This is definitely a valuable tool to possess!

Project Rainbow – The Truth

Project Rainbow, is a construct. It is designed to bio-engineer your fields with false light, shutting out the true light of ‘Source’, and disconnecting you from your Higher Self. It is yet another attempt to subvert your reality, to control the way you perceive and experience life. Those of you that have no real conscious connection to your Higher Self, or a weak one, will be vulnerable to this technology. As always it is of prime importance to make your connection with your Higher Self and its Aspects. Once this has been achieved, you will no longer be troubled by such technology.

A strong connection is a must. Begin now, make this your priority above all else. Ignore the continual distractions around you, and go ‘within’. Find time to let go of the outside world, the reflections of illusion. Disconnect from the outer voices, and look for the voice of your Soul within you. This will never lead you astray. Let go of your preconceived ideas, religious concepts, dogmas and ideologies. Let go of your teachings and indoctrinations, they will not save you, only your Self can do this. Your icons, gods, goddesses, prophets, need to be relinquished. These were only figureheads that served you in a lower state of consciousness, in your less evolved state.

Times have changed. You have moved on from this kindergarten state, into your Adolescence, and are rapidly reaching maturity now. You do not need these props any longer, they can now be discarded. It is only ‘You’ that can make this decision, only you who can decide to stand on your own two feet, and become the Self-governing Master, that you were always meant to be….”

I have received this information recently, and felt it important to share with you all… As a result of receiving this, I have decided to make the first grid from the ‘Orion Star Grids’ (set 1), available on its own. It is called the ‘Divine Connection Grid’. This will help enormously with the forging of your connection to your Higher Selves. Set 1 does however contain many other useful grids, such as the ‘Parallel Grid’, which connects us to our other Aspects. Purchase the Divine Connection Grid here, price only £3. It is a Pdf digital grid, and needs to be printed. To see more about the Orion Star Grids, go to https:www.ki-ra.net/orion-star-grids/

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