More Light Tools


The Powercraft Crystal contains a code, which is an amalgam of two of the Orion Star Grids, with the addition of 2 vortices. I was told that this code would set up a powerful vortex, that would prevent the entrance of anything or anyone into our energy field, that didn’t have our Highest Good in mind. The energetic barrier that it creates, also prevents the discordant energies of others from affecting our energy field and thus draining us of our vital force, and opens a path for only our Highest Good to come to us.
This code is infused into a Brandburg crystal. The energy matrix of the Smoky Amethyst I’m told, holds the Light, whist simultaneously rejecting the Dark, so provides the perfect frequency match for this code.

The Brandberg crystal alone, without the embedded extra code, holds a very high vibration. I’m told it releases entities, and worn out mental constructs, that no longer serve our highest good. It also brings deep cellular change, aiding in the activation of our 12 strand DNA. Please note that these Brandberg Crystals are genuine brandbergs, from Brandberg Mountain, some of the paler versions are not genuine, and do not hold these wonderful properties! This special crystal is now available at the offer price of only £30, plus £4 p&p.  (Includes velvet pouch).  Purchase your Powercraft Crystal now!

The SilverStar Merkabah Crystal, contains the Silver Star Higher Dimensional Light Matrix. This matrix energetic, will shift you instantly out of dense emotional states of being, and raise your vibration quickly! This works outside of the laws of time and space, and beyond the ‘law of attraction’.. It holds the same energy as the Silver Star Activations. The Silver Star can also activate your healthy DNA crystal within your Akashic Records… Purchase yours now, normal price £90, now on offer at only £60!


The Golden Skull Merkabah, contains the Golden Skull of Light Matrix. This is a living skull of light that resides in Agartha. Please see here for more details… Purchase yours now for £60, normal price £90 (at cart above)…. PLEASE NOTE THIS ITEM IS TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK!

The Firestone, is an ancient Persian stone. Its energies will help to shift Mankind through the Ascension Portal.. They have a specific Heart Resonance.. Purchase yours Now, price £25, inc p&p.