Merlin & Sananda Templates


The templates of these archetypes, hold the keys to our ascension. Their advanced and individualistic geometries, will aid us on our spiritual path, towards achieving an extremely high level of Mastery, the level of Mastery that they themselves enjoyed!

Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda) himself, said we can achieve and accomplish the feats that he performed, and much more. To master the elements, and natural laws that we are subject to. To demonstrate the ‘Christ’ within us, each and every day! To leave behind our human limitations and sufferings, and express our divinity.

Merlin, likewise, holds the secrets of alchemical change, transmutation, and transformation into the Divine Butterfly. The Merlin Template holds the abilities of Master Merlin, in potential. These will unfold, as the receiver reaches a high enough vibration to fully download the frequencies into their energy fields. Working with the Gateway Systems and the Gateway energy will bring you into vibrational alignment with the templates. Here is what the Diamond + Skull of Light says about the Merlin Template:-

“You have an inner template of wisdom, which we call the ‘Merlin Template’. This template holds the keys to great wisdom. It unlocks the doors within, to different realms of being, allowing you to bend Time to your will. Through this practice you will find that you can move in and out of different timelines. You can visit any time/space reality, and change it according to your will. The theory of time travel is well documented in your societies, by your media and film industry, but they have only touched upon the surface, of what is truly available. As Masters of Light, you are able to activate this template, and release yourselves from the chains of heavy density, and become heirs to the kingdom within”.

The Templates hold the geometries of these amazing Masters, and their abilities in potential. These templates are generally only available when we reach a specific frequency, and can thus access the geometries. This work will expedite the evolution of humanity, changing its timeline to a more harmonious one.

In order to realize the full potential of each template, an individual will generally need to receive more than one download. However working with the Gateway will expedite these transitions. I have been told that It is because I hold the Cosmic Templates of all Higher Dimensional Beings, that I am able to bring you these downloads. To book your Template Download, please click on the respective picture! price £99.