Merkabah, Holographic & Personal


These are a new series of attunements, that I’m now being asked to provide. They are in alignment with our growing needs and energy requirements, at this time.

As we uncover more of our multidimensional selves, and ultimate ‘Core Essence’, there will inevitably be moremerkabah attunements and holographic alignments of these energy frequencies coming online, to aid us in this process.

Each alignment contains a different lightbody geometry, which provides our cells with significant information in the way of light packets, which inform our cellular structures to make vital changes, in keeping with our growth and expansion.

There is no right or wrong decision, please use your own innate guidance on choosing which resonates most with you. Below are your options:-

Golden Merkabah / Silver Merkabah / White Merkabah / Rainbow Merkabah / Diamond Merkabah.

All Merabah Attunements are only £35 each! Please indicate on your payment form which option you are purchasing, or email me, thank you. The Holographic Alignment, and Personal Attunement, can also be scheduled and booked below. Please click on your preferred attunement, and the appointment calendar will appear.   

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Holographic Alignment:

The Holographic Alignment gives access to codes for holographic restructuring, and the re-patterning of our holograms at a personal and planetary level.

This is an alignment, which is designed to insert your Core Code into your Hologram. This is especially beneficial for those who are not yet able to draw down their Higher Self codes. You will be encoded with your core frequency, in alignment with your Higher Self, for the transmutation of all energies that are dormant within your energy bodies. These dormant energies, though not active on this current timeline, tend to hold a lower frequency which needs to be transmuted for Ascension purposes. Once these realities are transmuted, your Lightbodies will operate from a different frequency, and this will result in you feeling much lighter!

Our dimensional self is a Holographic Self, a projection if you will, from our Higher Selves. This projection becomes distorted over time, as we engage in the denser world of drama, participating in the heavier vibrational frequencies, thus our holographic codes need to be recalibrated, to bring us back into alignment with our original Hologram.

You may after receiving this alignment, find that you are having many lucid dreams. This is the result of the process that is working within you, releasing images from other realities/ timelines from your energy matrix. Price £50.

Personal Attunements:

Personal Attunements to upgrade your energy matrix.I am providing a personalized energy attunement for each individual who requests one. This will contain whatever light codes, downloads, or energetic frequencies, that the Higher Self considers to be suitable, and for the highest good of each person. Book your Personal attunement Now! (above) price £35 each.