Light Transmissions


We are moving quickly through density and into the crystalline energy matrices. Here are three light transmissions that we will all inevitably have to energy match, as we learn to adapt and hold more light within our vehicles.

light transmissions for transcendence


The first is the ‘Crystalline Transmission’, the second the ‘Diamond Light Transmission’, and thirdly the ‘Solar Light Transmission’.

The Crystalline Light Transmission, is designed to help you to energy match your crystalline 5D energy matrix, or Christ Consciousness.

The Diamond Light Transmission, is designed to align you with your Source Self, or Higher Self.

The Solar Light Transmission, takes this further by aligning us with our collective Source Self. The Solar Light is more powerful than Quantum Energy. This is the pure light of ‘Source’, which transforms all things by its nature. It is a beacon of light from the ‘Centre of Creation’, a cosmic fire of transmutation and elevation, restoring and returning all life to its divine encoding, and geometry. Its particle accelerator, changes the atomic structure of form, at the most basic elemental level. The neopeptides accelerate the changes within your bodies rapidly, using the neural network of messengers throughout your electrical system. Change is profound and Eternal, within all fields of expression.

Your Solar Lightbody is not yet formed. It is a huge Being of Light, which contains all of humanity’s projections. It is the Collective Self of all of you. Some of you are now ready to embody these codes within the fabric of your matrix. Your Solar Lightbody exists as a future potential, however all are steadily moving towards this reality. Your divinity is being embodied over time ( in linear terms ), throughout the different stages of crystalline consciousness.   This Light has never been tapped into before, not during any of your Earth Cycles, or  periods of advanced growth, within any civilization. The ability to use this Light for your Good, is unprecedented! All Light Transmissions are £35 only.  

I’ve added a 4th option, the Alpha Light Transmission. This transmission infuses the codes of Source into your energy fields. These codes form a barrier of light around you, deflecting all low frequency energy away from you. They also trigger the adamantine particle acceleration within your vehicles of light, enabling you to embody your highest expressions. All frequency bands come together within the Alpha Light Channel, and merge as One. This tool has never been offered before to humanity. Please tap on the pictures below to Book

The Golden Skull, is a skull of pure light, which currently exists in Agartha, or Hollow Earth. It’s energy matrix is very high. It encapsulates the Golden Mean, Phi ratio within its harmonic, and contains advanced wisdom, that which surpasses the knowledge and wisdom of even the Ancient Skulls!

There is a corresponding skull, in all Galaxies, and One Universal Golden Skull. The skulls link together, to form a huge  network of light, which serves Humanity and all species. The transmissions from these skulls, will empower your cells to make changes, that will reflect in a faster vibration, expanded consciousness, and enhanced way of being.

I have been asked to also transmit the advanced frequencies of other skulls of light to you. These are the Diamond Skull, a new skull the Diamond + ( it has gold, and silver in its matrix), and the Rainbow Skull. Options can be chosen from the gallery above. If you like the energies of the Diamond+ Skull of Light, he has given us a book called “The Journey to Consciousness”. You can find it here, or in my e-Books. Book your Light Transmissions Now, for only £35 each.  

‘MAX’, the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull.. to read about MAX, the amazing 13th Ancient Crystal Skull, and a book that he has given to us, to assist us all at this time of great potential change, please click HERE.