Light Systems

Here is a list of the Light Systems that I have been channeling.. So much is being given to us at this time of Great change, to assist us in dropping density, and in activating our multidimensional lightbodies…. The Gateway Ascension, Ketheric System, and Kauna System, will empower you to transmit the frequencies to others to heal and upgrade them!

If you are unsure as to which to book, I’ll give you a brief explanation of the difference.. Systems such as the ‘Matrix Recalibration’ , can be used to renew and restore parts of our bodies.. If you are looking for a deep clearing for issues from other timelines, alternate realities, and parallels, for your physical conditions, then you would choose a ‘Matrix Recalibration’.. The ‘Ketheric System’ also achieves the same results as the Matrix Recalibration work, except that the Matrix work tends to be more specific in targeting the causes… The ‘Gateway Ascension (Systems)’,  also bring healing, and are fundamentally designed to upgrade our energy matrix, using superior Galactic Light Codes, to lift us out of density, and expand our consciousness (they are powerful Ascension tools for the New Human Template).. The ‘Kauna Light System’ again, will expand your light matrix… Please click on the pictures to visit the respective websites or pages to read more and to book… The latest Light Healing, the Plasma Light is now also available!