Life Essence

This is my second book, the second book in the Hu-Man experiment, the knowledge of which comes from the flame of ‘Life’ in the “Halls of Amenti.” There is no author, as this comes directly from the Crystal Consciousness. I am told this has never been attempted before on the Earth plane, and this book takes us to the next level beyond the “Christ”  level, LE e-book coverand activates our “I AM Consciousness Grid”.

The Human level of growth is not our final evolutionary level here on Earth. We are told that with certain changes to our Dna, through the addition of extra sets of chromosomes, we are able to experience three more levels of consciousness. The Pharaohs of Egypt, had five names, each representing a level of consciousness. Currently we are about to enter the 3rd Christed level of Being, which is what the “Book Of Life” is designed to help us with. The “Life Essence” manuscript, is designed to shift us into the 4th level. This is a continuation of the Earth Experiment, to see just how far we can take our evolutionary growth.

As we have now well and truly stepped into the “Light”, these new much higher frequencies are now becoming available to us. Please join me in taking this Earth to an unprecedented new level of Consciousness.

Life Essence book

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3 levels of consciosness