Kundalini Activations


During the course of our spiritual journey, it is necessary to release the Kundalini Energy (Shakti), from its reservoir, situated at the base of the spine. In order for this to happen, the male energy (Shiva), descends through the Crown Chakra, and travels down to the reservoir. This is the Divine Union, and is the ultimate goal of all yoga practice (union).

Once the female Kundalini is released, she travels up the spine, through each chakra in turn, opening the chakra seal, thereby activating it. As this happens, we experience profound states of altered consciousness, and expansion. Our auric field becomes so vast, that others can feel and often hear our thoughts from at least a mile away from us! We hear the voice of Spirit, not the proverbial ‘still small voice’, but a loud booming voice. The Self, (Atma), takes over our chakras, and speaks through our throat centres to others, as God speaking to man.. Others draw what they need to hear from us, the wisdom that they most need at their current stage of the journey.kundalini activation We are aware of being active outwardly, but our consciousness has shifted to the Self within, that sees and knows all things from a higher perspective.. Our karmic chains are released, and anything or anyone that does not serve us, moves out of our lives.. We experience the incredible ‘Peace that passeth understanding’, and enter what the yogis call the ‘Hall of Learning’, as the knowledge and wisdom of our Spiritual Mind, is downloaded into our consciousness.

Most of us experience small releases of this energy, over a period of time. Sometimes a release can even occur spontaneously due to the ever heightened energies that are showering the Earth presently. My own experience was one of a full release, a literal Quantum Leap in 1982. My Soul had of course planned this, so I became in effect a Yogi myself. The technique that I used did require considerable discipline though, which I wasn’t aversed to, as I’ve always known the value of discipline.

However, there is a way that is more suitable for our times, which can be performed remotely, through energy activations, from the Kundalini Avatars. The number of activations that you require, will depend upon your level of evolvement, everyone will be different. If you wish to make a block booking, please contact me for a discount code.. only £35 each. Book yours Now!  

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