Holographic Healing Templates

“Do not give something a name, that cements it into the field of reality. It is just a temporary condition, that is passing through your life.. Every day your cells renew themselves.. Whole body parts are renewed, regenerated, and the cells replaced regularly..

But why is it then, if this is the case, that your bodies aren’t healed of their afflictions?.. This is because they are restructuring themselves, according to a specific cellular template, one of your own making.. As we makes choices in our lives, that take us away from our Divine Templates, we lose the ability to heal. The further away we are, from our original template design, the more we need to heal, the more work we need to correct our matrix, and bring it back into alignment with health and wellbeing..

In our diverse experiences, we have strayed into the greatest density, and are now suffering as a consequence.. Enlightenment means bringing more light into the matrix, restoring it to wholeness and harmony.. We have new Science of Light methods now, to help us with these issues.. The Holographic Healing Templates, are designed to do just this. They will restructure your existing matrices, in line with the Divine Codes of Life, thus reactivating the dormant parts of the matrix, those that have been neglected in the pursuance of denser experiences.. This will bring a much needed healing to our vehicles of embodiment.. Restoration will be achieved, and harmony will prevail once more…”

This is a remote energetic download, introductory price £35

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