Golden Skull Crystal


I have been asked to give activations from the Golden Crystal Skull of Atlantis, in keeping with the extremely high energy frequencies that are now coming to the Earth. ( See skull of light transmissions ).

The Earth is now ready for this offering, in fact many of you may have received these upgrades during the Atlantis timeline, or even been involved in giving them.

golden skull webThe Golden Skull is not a physically manifested one. It exists in Agartha as pure light, and thus it’s matrix is not sullied or affected in any way, by the dross of a heavy vibration.

It encapsulates the Golden Mean or Phi Ratio within it’s harmonic, enabling all forms to return to their perfect Divine Expression.

It’s alchemical nature is profound, producing changes at all levels of Being. It’s wisdom surpasses that of the Ancient Ones, and all other skulls in existence.

It links with other golden skulls, and forms a powerful network of Light.

Golden Skull Crystal of Atlantis

Now available through the matrix of a Golden Quartz Merkabah Crystal. Treat yourself to Unlimited Activations with this powerful crystal. Normal price £90 now on offer for £60, p&p included. Buy your Golden Skull Crystal Now! Please note this is currently out of stock..