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THE GATEWAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS NOW OPEN ….I am the founder or first portal for the Gateway Systems

The systems are beautifully simple multidimensional healing and transformational systems, that are now being given to us as we climb the Evolutionary ladder. They empower us to transmit high frequency multidimensional energy to others. Their simplicity lies in the fact that there are no symbols to learn, or arduous texts and information, as this work operates outside of Time and Space. As a race we are moving away from left-brain orientated technologies and ways of being, away from further development of the Intellectual Mind/Body, except that which comes through the Heart, engaging Right-Brain Consciousness, and empowerment through the Divine Feminine. The Gateway tends to be a faster vibration than older modalities. Book a Gateway System Now, Price £35, or the course of 7 Gateway Systems for only £175! The Course will empower you to transmit the Gateway Frequencies to others, adding Star DNA to their energy matrices, from advanced galactic systems, assisting all to make the crystalline transition, more quickly and easily. Ultimately, when the Gateway reaches critical mass point, it will automatically transfer from person to person, quickly shifting this planet into the golden crystalline light. There is a free ebook as a part of the course. After booking, you will receive a code to use, to enable you to make your appointments for the following 6 systems.

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The Gateway Energy itself isn’t new.It was used during the GOLDEN AGE of ATLANTIS. .Both Edgar Cayce the renowned psychic,and Alice Bailey, were investigating this energy, and Harry Edwards the founder of “The National Federation Of Spiritual Healers”, managed to briefly tap into it. No doubt some of his amazing healings may have been in part due to this. Unfortunately the energy wasn’t fully available before, as the Earth’s energies couldn’t fully support this high frequency until now. The healings that Harry Edwards performed, are just a fraction of what is now available to us. This energy has been waiting to come through and has finally touched down.

Gateway SystemsThe Gateway has been given to us by the Avatars of Light. It is the basis of All Systems and many higher energies. It is woven into the Etheric Fabric of All the Universes, it infiltrates the Etheric levels, and it’s energy aligns with the Golden Crystal Gate, the Diamond Gate, and Solar Gate. Many Quartz crystals contain this energy.

The energy itself, comes to us through the Stellar Gateway Portal of Light. The keycodes that are contained within the downloads that I am giving, will become embedded in the receiver’s energy field, and will open, clear and activate their Stellar Gateway Chakra, and their Ascension Chakra ( located at the base of the skull) which is the gateway to Galactic Consciousness, enabling them to transmit this Divine Frequency to others. The Stellar Gateway is a portal of Light which connects us with our Divine Source. When fully opened and activated, it opens a Cosmic Doorway to All the Light Realms, enabling us to assimilate the Light Codes of all other Solar Logos. It enhances communication with Enlightened Beings, and harnesses the energy of the ’12’ Cosmic Rays. In short it is a powerful Intergalactic Portal.

THE FUNCTIONS OF THE GATEWAY ENERGY ( what your clients can expect to receive).

There are 7 specific functions of the Gateway Energy that you will be giving, and here is what I was told about these 7. The initial energy that a person receives, will seek out their weaknesses, tears in the fabric of their energy bodies, in order to seal them ( the energy itself is the Assessor). So ….

1st Function, is comprised of the Assessment only.
2nd Function, is about identifying the Genome, and re-arranging genetic material.
3rd Function, comprises of rescuing lost Dna from the Etheric strands, and re-integrating it.
4th Function, revolves around the replacement of dysfunctional Dna.
5th Function, is about re-invigorating the strands by injecting new codes into them. It installs new Star Technology, to instigate a New System entirely.
6th Function, is about finalizing important structural changes to support the new template.
7th Function, revolves around re-uniting all our stellar systems ( our Galactic energy systems), and transforming them into ONE WHOLE Module.

It may of course require a number of attunements from a Master Activator, in order to fully carry out these functions. Please note that these functions apply to ALL the GATEWAY SYSTEMS, i,e Alderbaran, Andromeda, Antares, Arcturus, Auriga, Excel, Genesis, Isis, Merka,  Orion, and Pegasus. However, functions 5 to 7 will apply to only those systems which the Master Activators have themselves received.
One of the main purposes for these attunements is to activate our dormant star being Dna, to bring into being the new GALACTIC HUMAN.

The Gates of Consciousness have now opened, and All levels of Consciousness from Human to Lightbeing are now being made available to us. Through the Gateway System Energy we are being given the opportunity to transcend the limitations of the current Human level of existence. It is my feeling that as these systems develop, all Master practitioners will be able to expand them and make them their own. In the last few years I have come across many Lightworkers who have expressed their desire to me, to become more involved in the multidimensional transitioning of Gaia and Humanity, having not found their niche work. This could prove to be an excellent opportunity to get on board at the Birth stage of these exciting new systems, and would especially suit all Starseeds.


The Science behind the Gateway Systems………..      

The Gateway Systems are powered by Scalar Energy and utilize what is known as Quantum Entanglement.     Each cell has a parallel cell. As energy is fed into the parallel cell, a vacuum effect is created in it’s original counterpart, that sucks all the negative energy out of it. Because the cells are entangled at the Quantum Level, this creates a Supercell, and positive effects occur within the original cell, because entanglement decrees that they behave as One. Scientists tell us that the transfer of state between atomic particles/ photons, takes place at a speed of about 10,000 times the speed of Light,instantaneously. They cannot as yet predetermine or predict the outcome for the original cell or particle, and are currently engaged in this research and it’s possible applications in fields such as those of computer technology.  Thankfully for us however, the Avatars can predetermine the outcome – the return of each cell to it’s natural healthy functioning, but with the addition of new capabilities as it functions in Unison with it’s super-charged parallel counterpart. Also a part of this process, is something called a “Gyrosphere”, which is a Super Conductor of Magnetic Energy or Scalar Wave Energy. It uses the zero point field, in order to make Quantum changes. This Interdimensional device is a fundamental part of the Gateway Systems Network, and is used by the Elohim in their creations.

The Attunements themselves, are intergalactic, multi-dimensional  attunements at warp speed through the Gateway to other Universes. They are designed to take us to even greater levels of awareness. The “Avatars of Light” are a species beyond all others. They tell me they have evolved beyond the need to have an embodied form, and are pure energy. When I asked the purpose of these attunements, they told me they are to evolve Humanity to this same level, and to bring Unity. One of the many benefits of the Gateway Energy, is that it alters our thought processes, disabling our ability to think negatively. After receiving the downloads, you will be able to transmit the Gateway attunements to others. The Master codes that enable the transmission of this energy will be embedded within your energy field remotely by myself. There are currently 10 Gateway Level Downloads. However the course contains only 7 of the main systems. You will however find that generally after having received only Gateway Level One, that you will be equipped to perform attunements on others as a practitioner.

If your soul has been searching for a niche work for the Highest Good of Humanity, this may be it!  

Each Gateway Activator has their own unique and specialized field of work. All have been empowered to use the Gateway Energy to create the shifts that Humanity needs for it’s Evolution….

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Quantum Entanglement Theory-A Handbook for The Gateway


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The second Gateway book, “The Gateway to Ascension”, from the Elders, or Ancient Ones, is now available. This book opens new light portals for us, including ‘The Portal of Grace’. Please click on the book to purchase.