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I would like to share some healing codes with you, which come from Atlantis. Though these did not come through my channel, they are very similar to the five sets of codes which were given to me and are included in my ‘Atlantis Aurora’ book.

 I have tried some of these with very interesting results. Like all codes from the Healing Temple of Atlantis, they should be written upon the body itself (anywhere), not literally, but traced using a fingertip, crystal etc. Write each code once, pause then re-write it againPlease note that it is important to pause at the spaces between the numbers of each set, briefly……..

15  73  691   ( for Spiritual Wounds );  17  37  562  ( for Mental Wounds );  55  65  786  ( for Emotional Wounds );  18  57  991  ( for Physical Wounds );  80 90 561 ( for Sexual Wounds ).

I have been given more codes from the living libraries of Max, the 13th Ancient Crystal Skull. This is the information that came with them:

“These are Intergalactic Healing Codes that have a Multidimensional layering effect within the genes. They are dimensional portals to other spheres of Light Vibration within the Cosmic Deity. They create an interwoven lattice, which traps photons of exceptionally high frequency, to form a new Matrix of Light within Being….. These are the codes of the Arcturus Matrix, which is now coming online for you all.”

The codes are:
67 22

4 days later, please use code 190