This is the events page of my website, where I will post links to the Gateway Events, and any other events that I will be hosting.

Currently, I am hosting a regular free “Gateway Systems” event, now held twice a month, which is posted mainly on Facebook, and other social media platforms.. Gateway Activators, who are empowered to transmit the Gateway energies, and myself, are passionate about assisting humanity, to step into Crystalline Lightbody and beyond, and to embody their highest light.. We are remotely and collectively transmitting these quantum frequencies of light, which are designed to upgrade us to a more advanced and empowered energy matrix.. If you would like to receive these high frequencies, you only need to mentally tune into the event, either at the designated time, in your equivalent time zone, or even afterwards, and make the intention to receive. If you would like to know more about the systems, please visit our dedicated website (here), or visit the Light Systems page on this website, or the Facebook Gateway Ascension page. Our Facebook  public group, which is free to join, also called “Gateway Ascension”, click here.   If you are aligned with embodying your highest light expression, in this lifetime, then you have come to the right place! … If you would like to know how the Gateway arrived, please watch my podcast on YouTube.

Please click on the picture below, to see the when the next Gateway Event is scheduled for.

The Gateway Event


This is a future spiritual technology, which works at the quantum level, outside of Time and Space. It tends to be a faster vibration than other modalities from the past, which no longer serve our needs. The Gateway assists us in absorbing more photonic light. It repairs, heals and adds new galactic DNA to our energy matrix. It redirects misaligned thought patterns/habits, making it difficult for us to think negatively. This leads to an expansion of Consciousness.

Here is what others have said about their experiences with the Gateway Event energies…

“Thank you to all the activators, for the amazing attunement. As usual it was fantastic. I was vibrating so high, I felt like I was floating around in the atmosphere!!! Great appreciation to you all” – Brenda Tractor

“Some extraordinary reactions from people around me the following day. Bus drivers stopped for me several times, gentlemen were paying me compliments, and everything just flowed…” – Natasha Bailey

“I found it difficult if not impossible to have negative thoughts after receiving the gateway energy” – Pradeep Gohill