Book Of Life

Since 2006 when my Merkabah became active, a new channel opened for me and I have been able to see into the 5th dimension and beyond. Amusingly enough at the time this was confirmed when I was suddenly able to receive ” pay to view ” channels on my television for free !

In 2012 I was visited by the ” Alpha Orion Team “, who asked me if I would bring the ” Book Of Life” through to the Earth plane, since I am a Guardian of “Amenti”. This book, or to be more accurate, this manuscript, which is written in 5th dimensional language, or Universal Star language, has been held for safe keeping within the “Halls of Amenti” which is a hyperspace creation under the Great Pyramid of Giza.Sphinx This book like all the Earth’s sacred texts, comes from the Alpha Channel, a Divine stream of Consciousness. It was transmitted to me by Andrei a Lemurian/ Atlantean priest.

The “Book Of Life” uses the Ancient technology of Sound and Breath that is essential to us at this time in our spiritual evolution, and is written according to Fibonacci sequencing. They tell me that by the repetition of it’s verses, it builds layers of energy frequencies that culminate in the awakening of our  Christ Consciousness, as it is the key to activating our “Christ Consciousness Grid”. I was shown what I now know to be the “Grail Rose”, this is the key to the true ” Holy Grail “, the Second Coming. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, around 13,000 years ago we lost the ability to become Christ Conscious as this knowledge was somehow erased from the Akashic Records. We are being given this book as the way back, it is a major landmark work in the history of Humanity, and I am honored to be able to present this to you all.

Book Of Life cover

The e-book is available from my e-Bookstore, it is  iPad and tablet friendly, zipped for less storage, current price only £30 .     After making your payment you will be able to download . You will need an Adobe Reader as it is a Pdf version. If you don’t have this, download the Adobe reader here.

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Below is a sample of the writing, it is one verse from the Book. This will give you a feel for the energy and let you see that the language is readable! If you would like to hear this language spoken, 3 page excerpts are given, in the short audio file below. 

Sesse esse res        sume essus res        sesse esse res     sume essus res   sesse esse res.            ( the e on the end  is pronounced ‘ay’).

If you find reading this text daunting, or are just not big on reading, you might want to try another method of absorbing and integrating the frequencies of the book. Try using the palm of your hand to scan each page, firstly setting the intent to do this. Someone who has purchased a copy, noticed that the underlying code is in dot formation. This type of code can generally be scanned with our palms and absorbed through our palm chakras. This is just an alternative method, but please use what resonates most with you.

There are two more books of Consciousness after this one, that take us to levels that we have never experienced on Earth before, “Life Essence”, and “The One”, these are also available now.