All Attunements on this page are £35, unless otherwise priced. Please click on the respective picture below to Book

Merkabah Attunements:- ‘Silver Merkabah’; ‘Diamond Merkabah’; ‘Rainbow Merkabah’; ‘White Merkabah’. Each alignment contains a different lightbody geometry,  which provides our cells with significant information in the way of light packets, which inform our cellular structures to make vital changes, in keeping with our growth and expansion.

Personal Attunements:- You will be given whatever light codes, higher frequencies, that your Higher Self deems appropriate for you, at this time. This of course will change periodically, along with your growth and expansion into more light).. The Real Essence Attunements, come from Source level (see page in sidebar), and the Source Code Attunement (£50 see sidebar), which contains specific codes for your alignment, integration and connection with your ‘Source Self’… The Merlin Template (£99 see sidebar), and the Sananda Template (£99), and the new powerful Lady of The Lake light codes (£99).