Amari Activations


The Amari Portal of Light is a wondrous creation. It is connected to the highest light levels in existence.. It draws light from the Centre of Creation, and utilizes it for the benefit of All.

Great manifestations are possible through this portal, and any chosen reality can be yours, if it is aligned with this Light. Significant movements in the spheres, have originated from this portal. It transforms everything it connects with, into Pure Light!


Using the light from this portal,Amari Activations will bring about the most powerful changes that you have ever witnessed.. This is a new beginning for Mankind. The blessings of the Gods have descended upon you, at this critical time in your evolution.

Atomic changes are accelerating, propelling you ever forwards into greater growth cycles. The powers within you are being unlocked. The door to the sacred chambre is now open. The sleeping giant that is ‘You’, is awakening to its Real Self, and limitless potential.

God itself is expanding, through you. Unimaginable realities are becoming available, all birthed from this Light. Connect with this often, to create the dynamics of powerful change.. This is your Creation Portal… Introductory Price, £35.

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