Unless stated, all activations on this page are £35.. To see more in depth information, please click on the activation title, or visit the page name in the sidebar.. To book, please click on the respective picture…thank you

The Activations that are currently available are as follows:- ‘Arcturian Light Pod’… ‘Atlantis Light’; ‘Atlantis Stargate’; ‘Silverstar’; ‘Gold Star’‘Sister Stars’; ‘Amari Portal’;…. ‘Portal of Grace’, ‘Orion Portal’,  ‘Adamantine White Fire’, and ‘Atlantis Fear Removal’…

The ‘Adamantine Activation’ is a particle accelerator, which stimulates and excites the subatomic level of being, creating a great quickening of energy and your forces, lifting you to the new heightened state of expression within the Cosmic Lattice.

The ‘Atlantis Fear Removal’, dismantles the Fear Matrix, code by code, program by program, frequency by frequency.. £21

The ‘Super Star Activation’, helps with the creation of our Ultimate Lightbody, the 24 point MerkaRa.