Ki-Ra is a Stargate keeper.

“Ki-Ra is a keeper of many gates, many pathways of consciousness, on many worlds and timelines, and has been given the task of keeping the gates open for Kira Stargate KeeperAscension. The ‘Amenti Stargate’, is one such gate. Another is the ‘Arcturian Light Portal’, which holds the keys to our evolution on Earth. The ‘Orion Belt portals’ ( the Centre for Higher Evolutionary Programming ), have opened themselves to her, sharing their advanced technology with her. She is also a Stargate Keeper for the Sphinx Portal at Giza, and its sacred light technology. As an Elohim, she is a founder of many star systems, and has journeyed far and wide on her divine quest of ‘Oneness’. She carries the eternal Flame of Life, (which lights up every soul), within her. Her reach is far…

Ki-Ra can help you to transition to the highest realms of Light Consciousness, using the tools that she has been given. Your empowerment is her prime objective and focus at this time. Her key words are ‘Empowerment’ and ‘Freedom’. Her expertise is ‘Quantum Energy’ from the Quantum Field; ‘Nuclear Energy’ from the Core, and ‘Plasma Energy’ from the Essence..

She is projecting her current Aspect here, to help you to birth the New Reality, and to integrate all your multidimensional aspects into One, on this timeline. She has been responsible for returning the ‘Gateway Systems’ to you, and is currently stepping out of frequency, as part of her own journey. She is a bridge between the dimensional fields and ‘Source’.”

“For me this was life changing, and I would recommend working with Ki-Ra, to anyone who wishes to experience a tangible health transformation… If you ever have the opportunity to correspond with Kira, you will find her to be, a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul, who is guided to empower others daily” ……… Kim Hunt

“These light technologies have already taken me further than any other healing has” …… Juliane Skottfelt 

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Ki-Ra’s Experience:

  • Gateway Ascension Systems Founder
  • Ketheric System Founder
  • Matrix Recalibration System Founder
  • Plasma Light System Founder
  • Energy Medicine
  • Radiance Therapy (Reiki)
  • Hypnotherapy, MIAH DHP
  • EFT
  • Amenti and Sphinx Portal channel