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A warm welcome to my Home Page. If you have found your way here, this is no accident, just synchronicity! The technology that is being brought to you through this website, is highly advanced……..I am an Elohim, channel for the Ultimate Light, Stargate Keeper, of the Amenti and Sphinx Portals, Founder of Advanced Light Systems, and Guardian.. I can wake up your Energy, activate your DNA, and help you to express your Highest Light potential, and be the Amazing Being that you are meant to be! My energy and the tools that I use, will reset your geometry, enabling you to drop density, releasing the heavy burdens that have been holding your vibration down, and keeping you in a lower state of consciousness.. If you want to experience the Highest Light Technology, you have arrived at the right portal! I am here also to assist all spiritual masters, teachers and Melchizedeks..

I’m projecting into this reality at this time, to assist you all in taking a huge evolutionary leap. I am not just here for the Ascension process, but rather to bring in new levels of Being, which are beyond the Ascension level, such as the Ketheric level, from the nuclear fields of ‘Source’, and the Plasma light level, from the Essence..

You know not what you are as yet. You have been playing the game of duality for so long, that you have forgotten your true nature as Beings of Light, birthed from the Essence of All.. 

In order to assist you best, I have founded Systems of Light, which will take you through all the stages of Being, enabling you to express yourselves both within and outside of the dimensional fields, activating your lightbodies at all levels of crystallization, and beyond into the realms of anti-matter, and formless being.. You are first and foremost Consciousness, that is eternally expressing itself.. You carry more light than you are currently aware of. It is my job to help you to reveal this light, to uncloak your Infinite Spirit..  

My journey here, led me to a full release of my Kundalini in 1982. This was a huge shift in consciousness, as it lifted me to the spiritual plane, where I received a full downloading of my Superconscious Mind. In 2003, I was approached by Orin, a lightbeing, who some of you will be familiar with, since he is the guide of Sanaya Roman (Opening to Channel). After working with him for a few months, yet another huge shift occurred, which led me into the awareness of harmony and balance in all things. Nothing needed to be healed or changed, everything was/is in perfect Divine Order. During 2006, my Lightbody (Merkabah) suddenly and spontaneously activated, creating yet another shift in consciousness. One of the results of this shift, was my ability to see into the Golden Light of the higher dimensions, and the beings that resided there.

I have been doing this Energy work since 2010, to help shift Humanity to the faster frequencies of higher light consciousness. The Elohim, and High Council, the Council of Ein Soph (who are responsible for ascending the multiverse), have activated me with the downloads that are required for this work.. Aside from the Light Systems, I offer many other tools to help you to emblazen your Source Light. We all hold the potential for Greatness. Why not unlock this potential NOW! .


The video below, has been made in consultation with our Higher Self. It comprises a download of inaudible light codes (hence no audio).. This energetic download is designed to give you immunity to the negative aspects of powerful EM networks, specifically the new 5G.. Please watch or play the entire video (approx 18 mins). It is important to finish, otherwise you may not receive the full download.. You should only need to do this once…



Please note there is a “Video Subscription” tab in the sidebar, of this site..  A yearly subscription for all Lightbody Activation and Spiritual Mastery videos, is £25 only. As soon as new videos become available, you will receive a link to watch or download them. 

Kira Diane Lester, Ki-Ra

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