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A warm welcome to my Home Page. If you have found your way here, this is no accident, just synchronicity! The technology that is being brought to you through this website, is highly advanced. It comes to us via my Higher Self Aspects, especially my Arcturus, Orion, and Dragon Aspects. If you want to experience the Highest Light Technology, you have arrived at the right portal! I am here also to assist all spiritual masters, teachers and Melchizedeks..

I’m reminded of the words of Job, when he said “What is Man that thou art mindful of him?” What are we indeed!?

I’ve always received communications from Lightbeings, and my Higher Self. When I was a small child, my curiosity led me to stroke a moth that was on the path in front of me. Instantly it turned to dust and blew away in the wind. The loud voice of my Higher Self responded with the words “We are not like that, we are Great!” 

Indeed I have discovered the truth of this. I am projecting into this reality at this time, to help Mankind to remember this Greatness, and to embody it more fully.

My journey has led me to a releasing of my Kundalini in 1982. This was a huge shift in consciousness, as it lifted me to the spiritual plane, where I received a full downloading of my Superconscious Mind, and have since experienced a state of complete non-attachment.

In 2003, I was approached by Orin, a lightbeing, who some of you will be familiar with, since he is the guide of Sanaya Roman (Opening to Channel). After working with him for a few months, yet another huge shift took place, which led me into the awareness of harmony and balance in all things. Nothing needed to be healed or changed, everything was/is in perfect Divine Order.

Shortly afterwards, during 2006, my Lightbody (Merkabah) suddenly and spontaneously activated, creating yet another shift in my consciousness. One of the results of this shift, was my ability to see into the Golden Light of the higher dimensions, and the beings that resided there.

Presently I am shifting my energy fields yet again, out of the fields of Frequency and Quantum Energy, and into the Nucleus of ‘Source’.

I have been doing Quantum Energy work since 2010, to help shift Humanity to the faster frequencies of higher light consciousness. The Elohim, and High Council, the Council of Ein Soph (who are responsible for ascending the multiverse), have activated me with the downloads that are required for this work.  This website is evolving in alignment with an ever greater shift, a nuclear one! We are all walking this Path, and I am deeply honoured to be able to help you all.

Please note there is a new “Video Subscription” tab in the sidebar, on my Blog page.. Due to the manipulation of my videos on YouTube, I am now moving away from this platform, and am offering instead, a yearly subscription for my Vimeo videos, of £25 only. As soon as a new Activation or Spiritual Mastery video becomes available, all subscribers will receive a link to watch or download them. Apologies for any inconvenience..

Kira Diane Lester, Ki-Ra

Contact address: Kira Diane Lester, 8, Abbots Close, Humberstone, Leicester. LE5 1EH (UK)

Tel No : 0116 2760608

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Gateway Ascension; Matrix Recalibration; Ketheric Healing.


Ki-Ra is a Stargate keeper.

Ki-Ra is a keeper of many gates, many pathways of consciousness, on many worlds and timelines, and has been given the task of keeping the gates open for Kira Stargate KeeperAscension. The ‘Amenti Stargate’, is one such gate. Another is the ‘Arcturian Light Portal’, which holds the keys to our evolution on Earth. The ‘Orion Belt portals’ ( the Centre for Higher Evolutionary Programming ), have opened themselves to her, sharing their advanced technology with her. She is also a Stargate Keeper for the Sphinx Portal at Giza, and its sacred light technology. As an Elohim, she is a founder of many star systems, and has journeyed far and wide on her divine quest of ‘Oneness’. She carries the eternal Flame of Life, (which lights up every soul), within her. Her reach is far.

Ki-Ra can help you to transition to the highest realms of Light Consciousness, using the tools that she has been given. Your empowerment is her prime objective and focus at this time. Her key words are ‘Empowerment’ and ‘Freedom’. Her expertise is ‘Quantum Energy’ from the Quantum Field; ‘Nuclear Energy’ from the Core, and ‘Plasma Energy’ from the Essence..

She is projecting her current Aspect here, to help you to birth the New Reality, and to integrate all your multidimensional aspects into One, on this timeline. She has been responsible for returning the ‘Gateway Systems’ to you, and is currently stepping out of frequency, as part of her own journey. She is a bridge between the dimensional fields and ‘Source’.

“For me this was life changing, and I would recommend working with Ki-Ra, to anyone who wishes to experience a tangible health transformation… If you ever have the opportunity to correspond with Kira, you will find her to be, a very gifted, sensible, open-hearted and positive soul, who is guided to empower others daily” ……… Kim Hunt

“These light technologies have already taken me further than any other healing has” …… Juliane Skottfelt 

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Ki-Ra’s Experience:

  • Gateway Ascension Systems Founder
  • Ketheric System Founder
  • Matrix Recalibration System Founder
  • Plasma Light System Founder
  • Energy Medicine
  • Radiance Therapy (Reiki)
  • Hypnotherapy, MIAH DHP
  • EFT
  • Amenti and Sphinx Portal channel


Ultimate Light Technology for Ascension

Gateway Ascension Facilitator:

I am the founder of the ‘Gateway Systems of Light’, and am able to download these systems into your energy matrix .. Once you have received these systems, you will be able to transmit the higher vibrational Gateway Energy to others, to assist them with both healing, and their ascension to the higher octaves of light, and beyond.. To read more about this amazing energy, please visit here …  To book, please click here ..

Ketheric Healing System Facilitator:

I am the founder and a facilitator for the ‘Ketheric System’. This is an advanced system of light, which enables us to draw down ‘Source’ energy, in order to reset our causal bodies, templates and blueprints, to their original divine design.. To read more, please visit here ..  To book, please click here ..

Matrix Recalibration System:

I am the founder of the ‘Matrix Recalibration System’.. After an upgrade to my 3rd eye, I am able to see the original blueprint code of any matrix, whether that is a part of the body, or an invasive virus, tumor, cell anomaly.. It is because of this ability, that I am able to reset the matrix to its original code of wellbeing, and if necessary, erase a matrix that is detrimental to our health.. To read more, please visit here.. To book a blueprint recalibration, or matrix removal, click here ..  For a Timeline Healing, (for chronic health conditions), click here ..

Plasma Light Healing Facilitator:

The Plasma Light System is the latest light technology system that I have founded.. Please click here to read more .. Click here to book ..

Kauna Light System:

The Kauna Light System is yet another system which I have founded. It creates an expansion of our energy fields, and an alignment with the higher frequencies of light and consciousness. This system can be passed onto another. Please read more here. To book click here ..

Energy Implant Removal:

On our incarnational journey, we sometimes encounter energies that are not operating for our highest good.. These can be energies which have been implanted within us, either through contract or against our conscious will.. It is important that anything which keeps us vibrating at a lower or fixed frequency, be removed, to allow for our expansion into the Greater Light.. During these sessions, I will be providing a link between you and the High Council of Light, who will be conducting this removal, price £40, please click here to book ..

Soul Integration:

During our experiences with density, our Souls can become fragmented, through the tumultuous events of our lives, the severe pressures and tensions, resulting in emotional distortions.. These soul fragments break away, and are not able to move into the light, along with the rest of us, and so need to be reintegrated, so that we can become Whole once more ..

Without this integration process, we cannot extricate ourselves from the drama, and the never ending, repeating cycles and self-sabotaging programs.. To become the Creator that we are intended to be, we MUST be able to step out of these dramas, so that we can be the observer of our creations, and thus are able to consciously create, that which we desire, instead of creating by default.. This soul integration work is designed to achieve this.. Here is what a couple of people have said about this integration experience:-


“I didn’t experience any fear or anxiety today for the first time in months – maybe years.
I don’t feel uplifting either – I just feel like ‘me’ which is the best feeling ever. The soul fracture healing gave me this feeling <3
I haven’t had the urge to run either.”… Juliane Skottfelt
“You are right there has been a shift. I am much calmer inside and was able to sit and watch a nice film last night not bothered being on my own. I haven’t  done that for so long. I have been too stressed.  I joined a free month of Netflix which would never have occurred to me to do before. It was normal thinking.. I slept well too and woke with such a feeling of peace and happiness inside. I had slept nearly seven hours!!!”… Wendy D
If this resonates with you, and speaks to your soul, please book your session here.. Normally there is only one session, however, if any follow up work is necessary, this will be included in the price.. £60


Amenti Vibrational Tools




Since 2006 when my Merkabah became active, a new channel opened for me and I have been able to see into the 5th dimension and beyond. Amusingly enough at the time this was confirmed when I was suddenly able to receive ” pay to view ” channels on my television for free !

In 2012 I was visited by the ” Alpha Orion Team “, who asked me if I would bring the ” Book Of Life” through to the Earth plane, since I am a Guardian of “Amenti”. This book, or to be more accurate, this manuscript, which is written in 5th dimensional language, or Universal Star language, has been held for safe keeping within the “Halls of Amenti” which is a hyperspace creation under the Great Pyramid of Giza.Sphinx This book like all the Earth’s sacred texts, comes from the Alpha Channel, a Divine stream of Consciousness. It was transmitted to me by Andrei a Lemurian/ Atlantean priest.

The “Book Of Life” uses the Ancient technology of Sound and Breath that is essential to us at this time in our spiritual evolution, and is written according to Fibonacci sequencing. They tell me that by the repetition of it’s verses, it builds layers of energy frequencies that culminate in the awakening of our  Christ Consciousness, as it is the key to activating our “Christ Consciousness Grid”. I was shown what I now know to be the “Grail Rose”, this is the key to the true ” Holy Grail “, the Second Coming. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, around 13,000 years ago we lost the ability to become Christ Conscious as this knowledge was somehow erased from the Akashic Records. We are being given this book as the way back, it is a major landmark work in the history of Humanity, and I am honored to be able to present this to you all.

Book Of Life cover

The e-book is available from my e-Bookstore, and in the gallery at the top of the page ( iPad and tablet friendly), current price only £30 .     After making your payment you will be able to download . You will need an Adobe Reader as it is a Pdf version. If you don’t have this, download the Adobe reader here.

Please click on book cover (right) to purchase e-book.


book of life cover (sm)


UK only orders are  £40, including p&p, please pay at cart below. For non UK residents, please email me for purchase options  here.



 If you would like to hear this language spoken, and get a feel for the energy, 3 page excerpts are given, in the short audio file below. 

LIFE ESSENCE  is the second Amenti vibrational tool. Again it is written in the same Universal Star Language.

I am told this has never been attempted before on the Earth plane, and this book takes us to the next level beyond the “Christ”  level, LE e-book coverand activates our “I AM Consciousness Grid”.

The Human level of growth is not our final evolutionary level here on Earth. We are told that with certain changes to our DNA, through the addition of extra sets of chromosomes, we are able to experience three more levels of consciousness. The Pharaohs of Egypt, had five names, each representing a level of consciousness. Currently we are about to enter the 3rd Christed level of Being, which is what the “Book Of Life” is designed to help us with. The “Life Essence” manuscript, is designed to shift us into the 4th level. This is a continuation of the Earth Experiment, to see just how far we can take our evolutionary growth. As we have now well and truly stepped into the “Light”, these new much higher frequencies are now becoming available to us. Please join me in taking this Earth to an unprecedented new level of Consciousness. Please click on picture, or the gallery to purchase the eBook. Price £25. A paperback version is available on the paperback page.

THE ONE  is the third book in the Hu-man experiment ( in Universal Star Language). It has been given to us, to enable us to embody the last level of Consciousness that is possible, before we reach the level of Evolution where it will no longer be appropriate to expend our energy in maintaining a more physical vehicle. After this level, our Soul will no longer express itself in the world of ‘form’ , but rather in it’s essential nature, as a Being of Energy and Consciousness, unfettered by the limitations of a form.

This last energy tool, marks the end of the “Earth Experiment”, that HU-manity has been engaging in. It will take us to a level of Consciousness, never before seen here on ‘Gaia’. It pushes the boundaries of possibility, to what we can achieve here on this planet.

The One cover

Available to purchase now!

Please click on the book cover, or gallery above to purchase the eBook, price £22.

The paperback version is available from the paperback page..






“Man has long sought the ‘Ark of the Covenant’, believing it to be the answer to all his ills.. Though this may be true to some degree, it is much more than this.. The Ark is a vibrational tool of great light, as is mentioned in your scriptures.. It is however a hyperspace construct, rather than a physical one, which has been used countless times, by many races for their betterment..

The Light of the Ark, comes by way of a portal to the Great Central Sun. It has the power to transform all things, returning them to their Divine nature, of pure light essence.. Let only those who are pure of heart use this tool, and they shall see God, made manifest in everything and everyone” …

This energy tool is written in Universal Star Language, and needs to be read or recited, in order to build the energy layers that culminate in the opening to the portal of Light.. It is easy to master, please listen to the mp3 above, of me reciting this language.. When reading/reciting, please ensure that when you need to stop, that you do so at a full stop, and not in between a verse.. The verses are in columns and need to be read from top left to bottom right… Blessings of Light, Ki-R a… Please click on the book picture to purchase, or visit E-Books ….  

Matrix Recalibration

Everything is written in code first. Our DNA is encoded, as is our Hologram and holographic field. Each part of our bodies has its own individual matrix or grid system, which includes these codes, as per our original design.

Every matrix contains a type of binary code system. These are the building blocks of form and matter. All structures in the Universe are built upon these dynamics. The laws of the Universe themselves, respond to these. They are our signature codes for expression.

The transference of these codes into your energy matrix, will restart your biological interface, which will have the effect of restoring it to its original template design, erasing all subsequent signatures, that have been developed over time.

Any of the accumulated dross within your fields, will dissolve, as it is out of alignment with the basic signature codes. This is a good way of erasing your templates, and beginning anew. This is New Earth medicine, the treatment of the Future. There are no physicians in the future. YOU are your own physician. The power is yours to heal and restore yourselves! Only one recalibration healing is required per issue. Book your healing NOW! Special offer price, £50.  

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“What I felt was the energy coming in, and I felt very at home in it, 
After a short while I felt like my form dissolved and I became a vibrating mass of light particles…this went on for a while,,and then it felt like every particle was organized back into form again. 
Then it was like the energy just flowed through and kept flowing, making me feel very comfortable in my skin”…. Inger Arnes

The testimonial below, is from Brenda who was very inspired to ask for her pineal gland to be recalibrated to its original matrix!

“Thank you so much for the amazing session.
I could sure feel the waves of energy coming thru, my head felt like an open cup with blue light energy coming thru in waves.

I felt the whole time you were working on me.
The session was totally awesome and you are amazing!!

Very much appreciated!!”…. Brenda Jones

Visit our Matrix Recalibration website here..