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A warm welcome to my Home Page. If you have found your way here, this is no accident, just synchronicity! The technology that is being brought to you through this website, is highly advanced. It comes to us via my Higher Self Aspects, especially my Arcturus, Orion, and Dragon Aspects. If you want to experience the Highest Light Technology, you have arrived at the right portal!

I’m reminded of the words of Job, when he said “What is Man that thou art mindful of him?” What are we indeed!?

I’ve always received communications from Lightbeings, and my Higher Self. When I was a small child, my curiosity led me to stroke a moth that was on the path in front of me. Instantly it turned to dust and blew away in the wind. The loud voice of my Higher Self responded with the words “We are not like that, we are Great!” 

Indeed I have discovered the truth of this. I am projecting into this reality at this time, to help Mankind to remember this Greatness, and to embody it more fully.

My journey has led me to a releasing of my Kundalini in 1982. This was a huge shift in consciousness, as it lifted me to the spiritual plane, where I received a full downloading of my Superconscious Mind, and have since experienced a state of non-attachment.

In 2003, I was approached by Orin, a lightbeing, who some of you will be familiar with, since he is the guide of Sanaya Roman (Opening to Channel). After working with him for a few months, yet another huge shift took place, which led me into the awareness of harmony and balance in all things. Nothing needed to be healed or changed, everything was/is in perfect Divine Order.

Shortly afterwards, during 2006, my Lightbody (Merkabah) suddenly and spontaneously activated, creating yet another shift in my consciousness. One of the results of this shift, was my ability to see into the Golden Light of the higher dimensions, and the beings that resided there.

Presently I am shifting my energy fields yet again, out of the fields of Frequency and Quantum Energy, and into the Nucleus of ‘Source’.

I have been doing Quantum Energy work since 2010, to help shift Humanity to the faster frequencies of higher light consciousness. This has been provided through the products and services on this website, which is itself undergoing a change, in order to reflect my changes and new work that is emerging. This website is evolving in alignment with an ever greater shift, a nuclear one! We are all walking this Path, and I am deeply honoured to be able to help you all.

Please note there is a new “Video Subscription” tab in the sidebar, on my Blog page.. Due to the manipulation of my videos on YouTube, I am now moving away from this platform, and am offering instead, a yearly subscription for my Vimeo videos, of £35 only. As soon as a new Activation or Spiritual Mastery video becomes available, all subscribers will receive a link to watch or download them. Apologies for any inconvenience..

Kira Diane Lester, Ki-Ra

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